Pure Amethyst

Amethyst big 1

Amethyst big 1
Amethyst is one of my favourite stone ever, and this year I decide to welcome it at Lab!
So I’m so glad to introduce you the first amethyst pendants of this season… let them talk:

Purple is the color of creativity and transformation, amethyst is the stone of mind/space purification. This is because we’re proud to be two pendant with a hight quality amethyst, we can swing closely to your heart to free your mind.

Amethyst tiny 1
Amethyst tiny 1Amethyst tiny 1

Amethyst tiny 1

Amethyst tiny 1


  1. drawandshoot · March 18

    The back of the pendant is as beautiful as the front! I love the round silver orbs against the jagged stone.

    • Giardinoblu · March 18

      Hi Karen,I love your visions^I’m glad that my work can inspire you:)hope to see you again!

  2. shahgholi · March 18

    These are stunning dearest Franci….

    • Giardinoblu · March 18

      Hi shahgholi,^^I think this is because the hight quality of stones girl! I prefer to use hight quality stones because they are nicer and, above all, with highest energy inside^thank’s for stopping here***see you soon!

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