The younger brothers

Giardinoblu BeetleTiny Ring

Many friends say that BeetleRings are quite big for everyday (I think they ate too much Christmas sweety already…).
So I decide to invite at Lab, the younger BeetleRing’s brothers. They’re BeetleTiny Rings.

You can see one of them here above with his big brother, they’re great together, and below, lonely, tiny and proud^^
DSC_7118 - 2

Giardinoblu BeetleTinyRingGiardinoblu BeetleTiny ring Panther

Tiny Ring is available just in black at the moment, but more colors+match are coming…stay tune!


  1. Mona · December 10, 2013

    these are lovely and I wish I were in Milan to come and see you in person.. : )

    • Giardinoblu · December 10, 2013

      Hi darling!!it will be really amazing meet you in person!!love to u!

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