The first Rice Rings on our Planet!


I’m so excited to introduce you…the BeetleRings, the first rice rings on Planet Earth! I wait for them from many+many time, and finally today they are here!
Giardinoblu_ BeetleRings2
But I have not said anything yet, I really love to show you all now!
First, we can see the BeetleRings in three different colors today, even if, as you know, all match easily here at Giardinolu and probably many other looks will come up very soon.
They’re quite big, about 1,97 in, but very very light**sure, as all BeetleCreatures, Rings are ecobijoux because made with paper, upcycled fabrics and natural rice, totally handmade with love putting one by one about 380 grains per ring ^
So ladies & lords, we have BeetleRing in White…
BeetleRing in Red…
Giardinoblu_BeetleRing Red
and BeetleRing in Black.
Giardinoblu_BeetleRing Black

One of the most important things, wich I’m proud of, it’s that they’re custom size, absolutly nickel free and confortable to wear with wide band round your finger. But don’t be afraid if you can’t imagine, some images here below can show you everything…Giardinoblu_BeetleRing6
Giardinoblu BeetleRings 7
Giardinoblu BeetleRings 8
I must confess that all BeetleRings have an extra power than other creatures, they are very very very strong, because protected by 4 layes of trasparent resin from hurts & handshakes & your irresistible + non-stop desire to touch it.

BeetleRings will be available on boutique very soooon!
I hope you like them! BeetleRings wish you an amazing day and fabulous dreams to achieve.


  1. \Mona · November 14, 2013

    lovely rings franci, they are one of a kind for sure : )

    • Giardinoblu · November 14, 2013

      I hope so Mona, keep me posted if your heart beats for someone of them ! Thank you so much for sharing your love to lab darling :))^^

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