The intuition was come from the crispy cold of autumn, I think^ The crazy party of trees, dark evenings and the soft white cover on my sofa, make me realize that…I would loooove to dive in a warm gold, now!
And pohh… here it is the DropCollection in a new warm+matt gold look!**

Maybe it’s more “superstar”+”looks too rich” for Giardinoblu…or, who’s matter…dispite of this, you love it?
What’s your feeling? Let me know in the comment section below;)



  1. Mona · October 19, 2013

    love it

    • Giardinoblu · October 19, 2013

      They will be on boutique soon, here you can see first pieces for a beautiful tiny boutique in Swiss…but ssshhhhhh…it’s a little secret, I tell you more later^^^Glad to see you here Mona^^kiss

  2. Marta - Art.Soul · October 19, 2013

    I do love it!
    If I had the money I would by your entire collection… :)

    • Giardinoblu · October 19, 2013

      Hi Marta^^Thank you so much for stopping here sweety! I have a solution for you: get your weekly inspirations+discouny for subscriber only on ^^I’ll see u in!;) psssh Marta, the Christmass Party discount is coming up, jump on the list and get your free juicy discount:) Love to u**

  3. Marta Sousa · October 19, 2013

    done! ;)

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