They’re BeetleBrooch!

As you may understand looking at this picture, it’s too late, these creatures have taken over me + my small lab!

But everything has an explanation, let’s step back…
mybe the fault is a bit mine. Many days ago, I was studying a shape for new creatures that can stay friendly (lovely) with you in your ordinary day…

now I discover that in those moments, they materialized at the park, where we found them.. they looking for me to return where they born as guise of idea: my lab!
Here we are, I introduce to you:



they’re brooches made ​​with recycled cardboard, covered with white and black rice. There’s not one the same as another because, like all Giardinoblu creatures, they’re unique.

I don’t want to say too much at now! They told me they would like to be a guest of the Giardinoblu shop, I have not been able to refuse!^

So in a few days they will be ready to tell you all about them and join you wherever you are*



  1. a ferreira · October 8, 2012

    With rice, one by one? So incredible, and hard to believe it is even possible! :)
    – I wanted to «like» this post but «they» didn’t let me, I don’t understand why… :(

    • a ferreira · October 8, 2012

      Well «they» did let me «like» the post after all – but only after writing the comment! How bizarre is that?

      • Giardinoblu · October 8, 2012

        Hi my dear^I love rice (for eat) but it’s very interesting as shape+colours, don’t you?^*yes it’s a work of patient+quiet+a kind of trance :)) If you like it was worth it**thank you so much for report the bizarre, I’ll notify this to WP^

  2. Marion Pannekoek · October 8, 2012

    Beautiful brooch … and I like the photography very much!

    • Giardinoblu · October 8, 2012

      Hi Marion^^thank you sooooo much I really appreciate it from you, you know it^ Yes, picture is powerfull, thank’s for my photographer+love Max Rinaldi!^^^^He’s specializes in naturalistic photo, but is investigating another type of image like this one*I’m glad you love it my friend***

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