Discovered the Real Jewel molecule!

I’ve never been very good in matters such as chemistry or biology, but today I groped an experiment never before seen in history:

the creation of  Real Jewel molecule !!

No panic, there’re results that we can get only with quiet and concentration …
I can’t begin to create, without a little warming, a precondition: today I’ll try this venture to extent possible, to create the molecule of my personal jewel, to try to define what in my personal view is the Real Jewel. I don’t think everyone will agree with what I’m going to do … but it’s a hard work, and someone had to do it!

And now I’ll try… concentration…doubleconcentration… tataaaaaannnn!!!


As you can see our molecule is larger, it’s because inside it has a lot of fun things. Outside, in all that void gray, not even my grandmother would enjoy it!

The Real Jewel is not the choice of particular materials or techniques. The magical essence that makes it true is communication with your body.

The Real Jewel communicates so well with your body that is an extension of your body. You talk and you listen in a continuous exchange.
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It’s outside of specific temporal and cultural element, it not speaking the fashion language, it’s not covered by specific codes, because it speaks to your deepest part.

That may not be easy to wear a Real Jewel!
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If you can listen, it speaks a deep universal language. It’s speaks the language of all art, close to the music.

Indeed, it speaks the same language of music, if you listen you can tell if it’s sincere.
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This is my personal jewel! This is the meaning of my work, I mean, I can’t belive that a jewel is only a nice thing to wear, an object like so many others…for what reason I’ll be glad to wear something like that? Something that is not my friend?

I freaking belive in the sensitive soul of things, we must only listen to this and we’ll can discover a little deeply dimension.

And what about your Real Jewel?

What makes you figure out whether a Jewel is Real or not?

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