There’re diabolic jewels!Go far away if you can!

It’s not the first time I investigate the secret life of the peppers. I must admit that previous investigation had not discovered the darker, disturbing and hidden side of them.

I give you an advice: run away as long as you can, this stuff is not harmless! If you choose to stay, take care …

Here is the story of investigation…

If there was a party, where the guests was only vegetables and fruits, peppers would be the leaders! They speak with everyone, never stops dancing and involving friends of friends…

…but even most expansive personality, has its dark side! I didn’t expect that the peppers become so dark deep inside…it’s become perfect jewel for the wicked, perfidious and evil with darkest personality…

I was right! Even if I don’t know who she is, she doesn’t seems angelic…

..mhhhh…she’s smart, she uses jewel as she wishes…

It doesn’t seems a quiet day… she’s angry, maybe…

…as I thought! She has in mind a plan to poison some sweet defenseless girl OOOOOHHH…

Something went wrong! Plan didn’t work, she’s a bit angry maybe! GO AWAY IF YOU CAN!!

…but you should NEVER give up! Get ready for a new strategy!!

no jewel, no more witch! ;))


  1. lotte schulthess · July 17, 2012

    how could I let you down – since I’m a fighter both for and against dragons and wiches and other dark or hidden things, But honestly – neither I nor my sweet daughter were really really afraid from this unknown wich, instead we both yelled with laughter but regretted the broken pepper jewelry… so may be let’s go ready for a new strategy lotte

    • Giardinoblu · July 17, 2012

      Oh don’t know how much I laughed when I developed and published this shots!! I’m sooo…I’m frying of joy for your smiles lovely, I’m glad to make you smile!°°see you soon girls…with another diabolic experiment, AAAAHHAHHHHHHHH!!!

  2. camino · July 17, 2012

    genial :D

    • Giardinoblu · July 17, 2012

      Hi Camino! you know, the secret soul of the peppers took me surprising… I hope you’re not a victim of some evil spell before witch broke the necklace. This is a bit clumsy witch! see you soon!

  3. Marion Pannekoek · July 17, 2012

    The smell of the burned peppers must have been pretty intense … I enjoyed your “Story” … thank you!

    • Giardinoblu · July 17, 2012

      Hi power!:) Oh yes^ you are touched a key point of this story^ I spent a lot of time figuring out how to burn the peppers and not dying from the smell! I discovered that, if before you pass them in a pot and then into the oven, they burn well and the smell is minimal^I’m glad you smile with this experiment girl!*I’m sure that your show last weekend was so beautiful+energetic ^Don’t you?

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