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We’re on…
REVOLUTION! OOOhhu no+no+no panic, keep calm siping your tea like a princess!
I mean there will be great changes on upcoming collections*** I want to give you more refinement, more preciosity and more quality without lose Giardinoblu unique design^^

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Flash Color Drops

A long time ago, I remember that, everything seemed to be darkness, and I didn’t understand why.
Untill, one day a flashing+tiny+color drop came to me saying “everything is dark, if you don’t turn on the light“.

In that moment I knew.

pink antique 3

I’m glad to show you my lights.

pink golden 16

pink oxidised

pink golden 1

pink golden 5

pink golden 4

pink golden 3

Discover all these creature and more on Boutique …go to Giardinoblu Shop!

Weekend at Chez Coï Boutique

Last weekend we had a very special Saturday afternoon at Chez Coï, a beautiful boutique in the center of Neuchâtel (Swiss).

Chez Coï Boutique holds Giardinoblu bijoux from some months but, I never been there in person before””and it was amazing!!

I have to tell you about the positive energy of this place, the vibe that you can feel just come in.
When the door closes behind you, you know that you’re in a very special place, with many unique objects and art pieces match with a huge sense of beauty, womanhood and french style.
Clients say “Here you find what you searching for, even if you don’t know already what it is !”

The owner is Samanta Coï, hers clear energy reflects hers boutique^^I love people who speaks directly, without mincing words, clear thinking and honest. When I readed the first email from Samanta, several months ago, I felt to know her already from a long time. Looove that!

foto 3(6)

To celebrate this special afternoon Giardinoblu bijoux was 10%off, and a lot of clients appreciated it!!
foto 5(2)
foto 2(3)
foto 3(5)
foto 5(1)

We’re so grateful for this special day, it speaks me about how this cyclopic+tough adventure with Giardinoblu and its creatures gives life to precious meeting and fresh energy.

Thank you to Samanta and her all her family that welcomed us as friends and to all people who came. We hope to come back soon at Neuchâtel!

Fragments about contemporary jewelery -the book-

Frammenti sul gioiello contemporaneo 01

Frammenti sul gioiello contemporaneo 1


This is huge for us!! ^^ Giardinoblu has been chosen for “Fragments about contemporary jewelery” published by Deleyva Editore to stand for bio-jewel.

We are so proud for that, expecially because the amazing editing team and the high level of competence.
Contemporary jewelery in Italy is not so popular so I think that not so much people are able to speak about this issue with seriousness and competence.

So I want to thank the creator of project Alessia Paola Roberta Rinaldi, Sonia Patrizia Catena ( art historian an expert on contemporary jewel), Marco Rossini (Galleria Rossini) and Antonella Tomasini (designer) for selection and text.

Extraordinary Aura pendants

Tonic water6

Someone knows Aura Stones? I discovered them some mounths ago…and they catch
my attention immediatly!^^
Aura Quartz is created by bonding precious metal vapour to natural quartz and in the process imbuing the crystal with additional attributes and colours. Aura quartz has an intense energy that reflects the bonding of gold, titanium, platinum and other metals onto the quartz crystal.
They inspire me summer suggestions, sun’s rays that break water, watch backlit at sunset, lie down on a meadow with high grass and watch the world from there**

Here the first pendants of next summer:

Tonic Water

oxidized silver plated

Tonic water2


Cherry Ice

rose gold plated

Cherry Ice4Raspberry Juice4

Raspberry Juice5



rose gold plated


Raspberry juice

rose gold plated
DSC_2504Raspberry Juice4Raspberry Juice2


We want to celebrate these new creature with a special sale on  Buru Buru, the cute italian place for jung+powerful brands.

So go THERE to wear your next lovely aura pendant with 10% OFF. Just untill April 14.


Are these cratures dynamite for your heart?
Need more information or details?

Use the form below and tell me your thoughts.
I’ll replay you with joy in 24 hours ^

Pure Amethyst

Amethyst big 1

Amethyst big 1
Amethyst is one of my favourite stone ever, and this year I decide to welcome it at Lab!
So I’m so glad to introduce you the first amethyst pendants of this season… let them talk:

Purple is the color of creativity and transformation, amethyst is the stone of mind/space purification. This is because we’re proud to be two pendant with a hight quality amethyst, we can swing closely to your heart to free your mind.

Amethyst tiny 1
Amethyst tiny 1Amethyst tiny 1

Amethyst tiny 1

Amethyst tiny 1

We call spring so hard… and it becomes real!

I don’t know where you are, what’s your favourite dish, when you celebrated your last birthday, but…I know what you’re doing in this moment. I know that…you are waiting for spring!
Yes, we too! The great new is that, in these days we called spring so hard… that it becomes real by these new lightly pendant^they are precious crystals with amazing warm lights inside. I think that I’ll find a shelter inside one of them …
Aura pendant GiardinobluAura pendant GiardinobluAura pendant GiardinobluAura pendant Giardinoblu
Remember when, as child, we closed the sunlight in a crystal to release its magical colors on the wall of the living room? We breathed more sun and more earth than now. We’re unconsciously free to give life to all possible worlds, and we did it.

This quartz has a strong energy, it’s aura quartz. It shines with has an iridescent light, as no other stones, to give you the rainbow lights for all day.

Giardinoblu pendantGiardinoblu pendant<a
One day I finded my inner “ray of spring” inside a stone.
I discovered that, when the warm light comes inside, I can be grateful for that single moment, I’m grateful for that gift and I’m grateful to be on my real light, deeply.

The hight quality of stones allows you to feel rays hot spring inside the light of these stones.
Golden chain with double pendants citrine.
Giardinoblu pendantGiardinoblu pendantGiardinoblu pendantGiardinoblu pendant
DSC_8857cristal black 01 -5
When winter gets darker, don’t be scared, let’s ask to the shining stars and moon, they could speak to your heart and show you the way.
More the night will be dark, more the stars could be vivid.

Supreme Wave comes back

Sublime wave 1

What I love to do most at Giardinoblu Lab is design labyrinths.

I love made paths that you can use to lost yourself, I love made paths that you can use as shelter or protection.
Supreme Wave, the big cuff bracialet, is an authentic mobile place for meditation and exploration of yourself.
Sublime wave 10

Supreme Wave is a unique piece, it’s totally handmade twisting silver wires.

You can find it on Giardinoblu Boutique!
Supreme Wave Giardinoblu cuff bracelet

Sublime wave 3

Sublime wave 6

The younger brothers

Giardinoblu BeetleTiny Ring

Many friends say that BeetleRings are quite big for everyday (I think they ate too much Christmas sweety already…).
So I decide to invite at Lab, the younger BeetleRing’s brothers. They’re BeetleTiny Rings.

You can see one of them here above with his big brother, they’re great together, and below, lonely, tiny and proud^^
DSC_7118 - 2

Giardinoblu BeetleTinyRingGiardinoblu BeetleTiny ring Panther

Tiny Ring is available just in black at the moment, but more colors+match are coming…stay tune!