Flourish and Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation

This is a very special post for me because I must declare my love for a very special jewellery Academy, it’s so powerful for all of us jewellery designers and artists who want make a gift to a real business to share to their wonderful Planet.Schermata 2015-01-19 a 13.50.48
This so special online place is Flourish & Thrive Academy, if you are a designer and you don’t know Flourish & Thrive Academy yet, I really recommend to enjoy to the news letter to start a new and powerful new adventure working for a fruitful business. Tracy and Robin, founders of Flourish & Thrive Academy, offer many services and online courses, free and not, one of them is Laying the Foundation, a very profound program to lunch for the first time your jewellery business into the Galaxy, and yes, we want to be one of those rockets!! To prove it here’s my interview to join the selection!

Where are you in your jewelry business now? We work for several boutiques around the globe now, expecially for US. Now I feel I can give more, I think I need support to to that at best, in this moment of my business as in future.
What’s holding you back in your business and your life? Often, expecially in this last time when sales increased, I feel overwhelmed. I’m a solo entrepreneur at the moment there’re many things to do and schedule. Business changes so quickly so, often job takes off time to the family.
What is your vision for your business – where do you want to go? We want to work with other many amazing boutiques and stores around the word offering an incredible customer service, keep high the value of our product and create fruitful and open relationship with our clients. I want surround me by lovely poople who believe in Giardinoblu, they will be a great and selected staff.
What are your biggest dreams and desires?  My bigger dream is create a flourishing world that can contribute to give job to professional people here in Italy and share the high quality of made in Italy to the Planet.
Plus, I would love to open an extremely cute and sophisticated boutique/lab to make Giardinoblu a live experience for all our visitors and clients.

Thank you Robin, thank you Tracy for this amazing opportunity!